Description :

Download Battlefield WW2 Combat v2.2.5.2 mod + data for Android Free – We are seventy years before the events of Battlefield Stalingrad. We are in 1942, and the crucial scenario of the World War II, the bloodiest battle in history, is about to begin. Bombing is destroying the city, and two armies will clash for months. There, a valiant commando, alone with his rifle in the frontline assault, shot and killed more than 200 people using his astonishing sniper skills. His name, Vasily Zaytsev, the gunman.

CodeLabs proudly presents Battlefield WW2 Combat, a modern combat tribute to the courage of that man and many other heroes. Again, join the Red Army or the Wehrmacht in a fight to control Stalingrad, fighting fiercely against the assault of endless waves of ruthless enemies. In the heat of battle, impersonate a contract killer, a deadly commando, a ruthless sniper assassin, a fierce rifleman or a brave gunman. The call of duty resonates in your ears!

– New scenarios to continue the epic adventure
– Feel the pressure of a sniper alone facing the enemy
– Endless waves of AI controlled enemies
– Realistic shooting and reloading of the weapon
– 72 different scenarios, carefully designed and tested by our development team
– Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices
– Easy to learn, hard to master
– Share with your friends on Facebook and get new weapons
– Absolutely FREE TO PLAY, no pay to win

What’s New:
Corrected xp bar at level 40
Greatly reworked GUI!
Added events in-game for headshots and aim combos!! More xp
Allowed levels over 40
Fixed lights in a stage and added 3 new premium weapons
New premium weapons! Railguns, machineguns and bazookas 🙂
Fixed rare bug which could happen when killing a very near enemy.
Improved performance.
Improved levels.
Player vs Player fix.
Small bugfix
Best modern combat ww2 battle.
Enjoy new features in the frontline of the missions.
New weapons.
New levels.

Screenshot :

Download Battlefield WW2 Combat v2.2.5.2 mod + data